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The space around us largely determines how we feel. Whether we are at work, whether we are sitting in a waiting room, whether we are sitting in a garden or park or just at home. The influence of our environment is enormous.

With this in mind, You surround You works on its interior assignments. Because how you (or your customer) want to feel in a certain space is the basis for a strong design. Do you want to experience peace or an uplifting energy? Do you want space for encounters or a place where you can retreat?

The clearer these wishes are, the better we can translate them into a spatial design that will ensure that your interior supports your wishes.

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Niki Clerx

This is Niki, founder of You surround You. After studying architecture at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Niki worked in business as an interior architect and graphic designer for real estate companies, healthcare and brand environments.


Desiring to make a contribution to a better world from her own direction, she started her own company in the spring of 2018. 

With an eye for simplicity, aesthetics and detail, she has a narrative style and always thinks from a bigger picture. She prefers to combine graphic and spatial design so that all facets in the design exude the same message.

Her love for nature and a desire to create her own world takes her to magical places with her horse, dog, boat and like-minded conscious people. Her wish to work on inspired projects from that setting is increasingly becoming a reality.

Mirella Slingerland

Meet Mirella! 

Mirella is a freelance interior designer who has her own studio called Finna Collective. She regularly participates in You surround You projects and vice versa. That makes working on our projects even more fun, better and more beautiful.

We share our love for minimalism, nature, graphic and spatial design and have been inspiring each other for years, both professionally and privately.

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